About Us

We are a plant based product line with the mission of providing self care that also caters to those with sensitive skin. Victorious Oil Co products began being made in 2011 for my eldest daughter who was born with severe eczema from head to toe. She was in dire need of hydrating and cleansing products that worked for her long term. I began with my "Victorious Hair Oil," and over time my love for creating these products grew into a plethora of products that our family and friends know and love. In Jan 2020 Victorious Oil Co began it's professional bloom, after agreeing to go full speed by the end of 2020 with my younger brother Kj because he loved his Victorious Hair Oil. Unexpectedly on July 18, 2020 our family loss Kj to suicide. This very moment was where Victorious Oil Company was born and gained the mission to provide clean and safe self care for everyone. We believe Self Care+Self Love=Self preservation. And we will forever stand by that.